Deepchord Immersions
Genre: Leftfield

Deepchord - Immersions

Astral Industries

Release Date: 18/07/2018

Cat No: AI10

Format: Vinyl


  • deepchord - immersions i
  • deepchord - immersions ii

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More about Immersions

Astral Industries released Immersions on Wed Jul 18 2018. The 2 track Leftfield release features Deepchord.

Astral Industries has released vinyl by Deepchord, Wolfgang Voigt, Peter Michael Hamel, Heavenly Music Corporation, The Chi Factory, Hanyo Van Oosterom, Waveform Transmission, Hanyovan Oosterom, Sonmi451, J Derwort, Shorelights, Chi, Multicast Dynamics, Lf58, and The Abyss Within Us.

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