Apparition Paintings
Genre: Leftfield

David Toop - Apparition Paintings

Label: Room 40

Release Date: 15/10/2020

Cat No: RM4116

Format: Vinyl


  • David Toop - You Could Touch Him But He Wasn'T There
  • David Toop - Tiny Human Figurines Made From Sand If You Held These To Your Ear, You Heard Soft Sweet Music
  • David Toop - A Ghost Travelling Half A Mile From Its Own Shape
  • David Toop - For Believing (You Were A Strange Beautiful Unearthly Creature From A Faraway Planet)
  • David Toop - Smaller Life Spirits (That Inhabit The Joints)
  • David Toop - She Fell Asleep Somewhere Outside The World
  • David Toop - All I Desire
  • David Toop - When I First Came Here (I Thought I'D Never Get Used To The Trains; Now When It'S Quiet I Get Nervous)
  • David Toop - Always She Seemed To Be Listening To Some Foray In The Blood, That Had No Known Setting
  • David Toop - Some Of Them (To Isolate Themselves Even Further, Beat Their Own Ears Until The Tiny Bones Within Were Crushed)
  • David Toop - Possibly It Was Only The Coming Of Certain Indefinable Hours
  • David Toop - Suddenly The World Had Dropped Away

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More about this release

Room 40 released Apparition Paintings on 15 October 2020. The 12 track vinyl features David Toop.

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