Coil The Ape Of Naples
Genre: Leftfield

Coil - The Ape Of Naples

Infinite Fog Productions

Release Date: 14/03/2023


Format: Vinyl


  • coil - fire of the mind
  • coil - the las amethyst deceiver
  • coil - tatooed man
  • coil - triple sun
  • coil - it's in my blood
  • coil - i don't get
  • coil - heaven's blade
  • coil - cold cell
  • coil - teenage lightining 2005
  • coil - amber rain
  • coil - going up
  • coil - ten minute triple sun
  • coil - heaven's blade (mix 1)
  • coil - amber rain (drier more intimate)
  • coil - cold cell in bangkok (6 minute version)
  • coil - i don't get it (unadorned mix)
  • coil - going up (live better 2)
  • coil - i don't get it (untitled rendered)
  • coil - animal are you?
  • coil - catch a falling star

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More about The Ape Of Naples

Infinite Fog Productions released The Ape Of Naples on Tue Mar 14 2023. The 20 track Leftfield release features Coil.

Infinite Fog Productions has released vinyl by Coil, The New Blockaders, Vortex Campaign, Ataraxia, Lisa Gerrard, Cye Wood, Zos Kia, Michael Stearns, Neutral, Nytt Land, Diagnose Lebensgefahr, Zero Kama, Above The Ruins, Trepaneringsritualen, and Peter Ulrich.

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