Coco Bryce Gunna
Genre: Drum And Bass

Coco Bryce - Gunna

7th Storey Projects

Release Date: 11/12/2018

Cat No: 7TH12026

Format: Vinyl


  • coco bryce - gunna
  • coco bryce - a new mind

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More about Gunna

7th Storey Projects released Gunna on Tue Dec 11 2018. The 2 track Drum And Bass release features Coco Bryce.

7th Storey Projects has released vinyl by Tim Reaper, Dwarde, Coco Bryce, Fff, Worldwide Epidemic, Dev Null, Peter Darker, Dark Kent, Wayne Darkley, Jules Elipse, Fushara, Jungle Buddha, Gand, Fringe, and Sonars Ghost.

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