Christoph De Babalon Leaving Time
Genre: Breakbeat

Christoph De Babalon - Leaving Time

Super Hexagon

Release Date: 25/01/2023

Cat No: SH007

Format: Vinyl


  • christoph de babalon - the upper hand
  • christoph de babalon - i trusted you
  • christoph de babalon - steps into solitude
  • christoph de babalon - got to let go

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More about Leaving Time

Super Hexagon released Leaving Time on Wed Jan 25 2023. The 4 track Breakbeat release features Christoph De Babalon.

Super Hexagon has released vinyl by Alma Construct, J Wiltshire, Alma, Fft, Aldrich, Larry, and Christoph De Babalon.

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