Can Ege Bamyasi
Genre: Rock

Can - Ege Bamyasi


Release Date: 08/11/2019


Format: Vinyl


  • can - pinch
  • can - sing swan song
  • can - one more night
  • can - vitamin c
  • can - soup
  • can - i'm so green
  • can - spoon

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More about Ege Bamyasi

Mute released Ege Bamyasi on Fri Nov 08 2019. The 7 track Rock release features Can.

Mute has released vinyl by Diamond Version, Kraftwerk, Vcmg, Ben Frost, Cabaret Voltaire, Can, Goldfrapp, Laibach, Liars, Plastikman, Simon Fisher Turner, Swans, The Ministry Of Wolves, Land Observations, and Arca.

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