Camu Tao Kings Of Hearts
Genre: Hip Hop

Camu Tao - Kings Of Hearts

Fat Possum

Release Date: 15/10/2019

Cat No: FP12141

Format: Vinyl


  • camu tao - be a big girl
  • camu tao - bird flu
  • camu tao - death
  • camu tao - funny valentine
  • camu tao - actin a ass
  • camu tao - get at you
  • camu tao - ind of the world
  • camu tao - intervention
  • camu tao - king of hearts
  • camu tao - major team
  • camu tao - plot a little
  • camu tao - the moment
  • camu tao - the perfect plan
  • camu tao - play o' run
  • camu tao - when you're going down
  • camu tao - kill me

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Camu Tao

More about Kings Of Hearts

Fat Possum released Kings Of Hearts on Tue Oct 15 2019. The 16 track Hip Hop release features Camu Tao.

Fat Possum has released vinyl by Al Green, Ann Peebles, Jimbo and The Tri State Coalition Mathus, Otis Clay, Pure X, Self, Solids, Swamp Dogg, Temples, The Districts, The Wytches, Ov Wright, American Wrestlers, Jimbo Mathus, and Yak.