Cabanne Quand Y En A Marre Y A Minibar EP
Genre: House

Cabanne - Quand Y En A Marre Y A Minibar EP


Release Date: 24/09/2008

Cat No: MINIBAR014

Format: Vinyl


  • jesse garonne
  • f key
  • f key (barbara & john thomas remix)

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More about Quand Y En A Marre Y A Minibar EP

Roman producer (and a force behind MinimalRome label) Valerio Lombardozzi known as Heinrich Dressel returns to Barba with a second release for our label, titled "The Styx Swamp". Heinrich has a unique way of combining classic techno and electro sounds with elements from the beloved Drexcyan universe and John Carpenter leitmotifs, and making them come together in a manner that both moves your body and pushes your mind beyond the point of awareness. As with the previous record, "Lurking Underwater", here he pulls off the move with the same efficiency and without sounding like he's repeating himself. "Gray Slope", "Sailing The Nether Waterways" and "The Styx Swamp" are all quite moody and deep, rich with sound and thick with vibe. However, the tracks feel equally at home in 4 am techno situation and a heady afterhours affair. He truly is a master of crafting hybrids whose influences get so flawlessly embedded that it's hard to point them out. If that's not enough, "The Styx Swamp" got a treatment by Nigel Rogers aka Perseus Traxx, a multi-faceted producer and a mighty live act performer. Nigel stayed respectful to the original but made the original's bouncy groove into something more direct and reduced, while retaining the same feel conditioned by lead synth's hypnotic quality. We're known to give a little bit of extra love to our releases so (as all before) this one's pressed onto a heavy duty 180 gram vinyl and beautifully packaged in an original artwork by EmaEmaEma.

Minibar released Quand Y En A Marre Y A Minibar EP on Wed Sep 24 2008. The 3 track House release features Cabanne.

Minibar has released vinyl by Audio Werner, Jeff Samuel, Cabsum, Copacabannark, Hamid, Vedren and Leiris, Gluck, Fumiya Tanaka, Denis Kaznacheev, Martinez, Lowris, Point G, Ben Vedren, Pit Spector, and Cabanne.