Ca2  Overtone Widow
Genre: Techno

Ca2 - Overtone Widow

Release Date: 30/03/2020

Cat No: NE70

Format: Vinyl


  • Barrier Miner - CA2+
  • Gait Cycle (Mormal Version) - CA2+
  • Lure Protrusion - CA2+
  • Stop Mixing Tracks Like This - CA2+
  • Zugzwang - CA2+
  • Overtone Widow - CA2+

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More about Overtone Widow

Northern Electronics released Overtone Widow on Mon Mar 30 2020. The 6 track Techno release features Ca2 .

Northern Electronics has released vinyl by Varg, Abdulla Rashim, Acronym, Korridor, Lundin Oil, Rad Kjetil Senza Testa, Ulwhednar, Dorisburg, Fodd Dod, Darfdhs, Sars, Vit Fana, Ossian Ohlsson, Ca2 , and Bandhagens Musikforening.