Brainwaltzera Outdives EP
Genre: Electro

Brainwaltzera - Outdives EP

Analogical Force

Release Date: 10/07/2017

Cat No: AF007

Format: Vinyl


  • ten ton fenix (unchosen)
  • rearrnged (vntr 3rd cat & 7 melting pot)
  • fx mod daisy chain 5o (ext 4perv)
  • aegis outdive (sf)
  • nked gutt (unearthed outdive)
  • oswaldtrace [

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More about Outdives EP

Rephlex-ian electronix by Brainwaltzera, sometime somewhere. Don't ask, just play and make braindance great again. 4VJ/MI/EOIN/PAJ/DKAPE/AP/SP. STRICTLY NO REPRESS.

Analogical Force released Outdives EP on Mon Jul 10 2017. The 6 track Electro release features Brainwaltzera.

Analogical Force has released vinyl by Anodyne, Echo 106, Kettel, Dwaallicht, Shinra, Eod, Microlith, Daed, Rolando Simmons, Techdiff, Cignol, Gareth Clarke, Helena Hauff, Cco, and B12.