One Two Kung Fu!
Genre: Rock

Boy Azooga - One Two Kung Fu!

Label: Heavenly

Release Date: 08/06/2018

Cat No: HVNLP146C

Format: Vinyl


  • Boy Azooga - Breakfast Epiphany
  • Boy Azooga - Loner Boogie
  • Boy Azooga - Face Behind Her Cigarette
  • Boy Azooga - Walking Thompson'S Park
  • Boy Azooga - Jerry
  • Boy Azooga - Breakfast Epiphany Ii
  • Boy Azooga - Taxi To Your Head
  • Boy Azooga - Losers In The Tomb
  • Boy Azooga - Hangover Square
  • Boy Azooga - Waitin'
  • Boy Azooga - Sitting On The First Rock From The Sun

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More about this release

Heavenly released One Two Kung Fu! on 08 June 2018. The 11 track vinyl features Boy Azooga.

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