Blue Lab Beats Xover
Genre: Hip Hop

Blue Lab Beats - Xover

Label: Allpoints

Release Date: 29/03/2018

Cat No: AP026LP

Format: Vinyl


  • blue lab beats - intro
  • blue lab beats - tea (feat melo-zed)
  • blue lab beats - say yes (feat ruby francis & ashley henry)
  • blue lab beats - watch it x blue katana (feat nice & femi koleoso)
  • blue lab beats - dome (feat othasoul & daniel taylor)
  • blue lab beats - xover (feat moses boyd)
  • blue lab beats - pineapple (feat moses boyd & nrija))
  • blue lab beats - pina colada (feat nubya garcia & richie seivwright)
  • blue lab beats - terry smiles lala ce 8 o 8 feat sheldon aguw
  • blue lab beats - run away (feat kaidi akinnibii)
  • blue lab beats - dylan jones ashley henry dominic channing timeless feat daniel taylor
  • blue lab beats - sam cooke & marvin gaye (feat kojey radical & tiana major9)
  • blue lab beats - william francis sheila m maurice grey daniel casimir piers haynes blue skies feat ashley henry
  • blue lab beats - my dream (feat james vickery)
  • blue lab beats - oooo lala (feat kaidi akinnibi)
  • blue lab beats - outro (feat daniel taylor)

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More about Xover

Allpoints released Xover on Thu Mar 29 2018. The 16 track Hip Hop release features Blue Lab Beats.

Allpoints has released vinyl by James Vincent Mcmorrow, Novo Amor, Ed Tullett, Alela Diane, John Bramwell, Blue Lab Beats, Ciaran Lavery, Anna Leone, Rachid Taha, Brooke Bentham, Ttrruuces, and Pone.