Baruka | Orlando Voorn The Lost Funk
Genre: Techno

Baruka / Orlando Voorn - The Lost Funk

Musique Pour La Danse

Release Date: 06/11/2019

Cat No: MPD020

Format: Vinyl


  • baruka aka orlando voorn - raver of the lost funk
  • baruka aka orlando voorn - anti political behaviour
  • baruka aka orlando voorn - circles

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More about The Lost Funk

Musique Pour La Danse released The Lost Funk on Wed Nov 06 2019. The 3 track Techno release features Baruka, and Orlando Voorn.

Musique Pour La Danse has released vinyl by Ro Maron, Orlando Voorn, Frankie Bones, Defence, Rembert De Smet, Ferre Baelen, Agaric, Le Mystere, Automat, Cuften, Sina, Raymond D Barre, Cron, Todd Sines, and Synectics.

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