Arpanet Inertial Frame
Genre: Electro

Arpanet - Inertial Frame

Record Makers

Release Date: 03/09/2021

Cat No: REC33

Format: Vinyl


  • arpanet - universe oscillation
  • arpanet - grossvater paradoxon
  • arpanet - axis of rotation
  • arpanet - infinate density
  • arpanet - zero volume
  • arpanet - twin paradox
  • arpanet - no boundry condition
  • arpanet - schwarzchild radius
  • arpanet - event horizon
  • arpanet - chandrasekhars limit
  • arpanet - ergosphere
  • arpanet - lorentz contraction
  • arpanet - gravitational lense

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More about Inertial Frame

Record Makers released Inertial Frame on Fri Sep 03 2021. The 13 track Electro release features Arpanet.

Record Makers has released vinyl by Kavinsky, Acid Washed, Midnight Juggernauts, Sebastien Tellier, Tristesse Contemporaine, Scratch Massive, Mind Gamers, Arpanet, Klub Des Loosers, Mf Doom, Dita Von Teese, Cola Boyy, Hypnolove, and Nicolas Godin.

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