Armand Hammer We Buy Diabetic Test Strips
Genre: Hip Hop

Armand Hammer - We Buy Diabetic Test Strips

Fat Possum

Release Date: 28/09/2023

Cat No: FP18243

Format: Vinyl


  • armand hammer - landlines
  • armand hammer - woke up & asked siri how i'm gonna die
  • armand hammer - the flexible unreliability of time & memory
  • armand hammer - when it doesn't start with a kiss
  • armand hammer - i keep a mirror in my pocket (feat cavalier)
  • armand hammer - trauma mic (feat pink siifu)
  • armand hammer - niggardly (blocked call)
  • armand hammer - the gods must be crazy
  • armand hammer - y'all can't stand right here (feat junglepussy & moneynicca)
  • armand hammer - total recall
  • armand hammer - empire blvd (feat junglepussy & curly castro)
  • armand hammer - don't lose your job (feat pink siifu & moore mother)
  • armand hammer - supermooned
  • armand hammer - switchboard
  • armand hammer - the key is under the mat

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More about We Buy Diabetic Test Strips

Fat Possum released We Buy Diabetic Test Strips on Thu Sep 28 2023. The 15 track Hip Hop release features Armand Hammer.

Fat Possum has released vinyl by Al Green, Ann Peebles, Jimbo and The Tri State Coalition Mathus, Otis Clay, Pure X, Self, Solids, Swamp Dogg, Temples, The Districts, The Wytches, Ov Wright, American Wrestlers, Jimbo Mathus, and Yak.