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Music For Dreams 2018


  • Aleceo - Liebe Tanzen
  • Aleceo - Take My Love
  • Aleceo - Dome (Feat Sergio Kampanella)
  • Aleceo - Know Him
  • Aleceo - Dipping Into You (Feat Jelila)
  • Aleceo - Teletrip
  • Aleceo - Monotone (Feat Maria Verymaryland)
  • Aleceo - Nevesomost
  • Aleceo - Priceless (Feat Kita)
  • Aleceo - Clouds (Feat Sergio Kampanella)
  • Aleceo - Whisper To The Wind (Feat Wulf Soulfire)
  • Aleceo - Mzi
  • Aleceo - Dome (Kenneth Bager Reprise)

More about this release

Music For Dreams released Teletrip on 09 November 2018. The 13 track vinyl features Aleceo.

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