Aerea Negrot Its Lover, Love (remixes)
Genre: House

Aerea Negrot - Its Lover, Love (remixes)

Release Date: 11/11/2011

Cat No: BPC 239

Format: Vinyl


  • miss you (ricardo villalobos remix)
  • love philip bader remix its lover
  • love kiki emotional game remix its lover

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More about Its Lover, Love (remixes)

Bpitch Control released Its Lover, Love (remixes) on Fri Nov 11 2011. The 3 track House release features Aerea Negrot.

Bpitch Control has released vinyl by Aerea Negrot, Chaim, Kiki, Skinnerbox, We Love, Chloe, Dance Disorder, Dillon, Ellen Allien, Fuckpony, Kiki Feat Shaun J Wright, Chaim Feat Cari Golden, Mr Statik, System Of Survival, and Telefon Tel Aviv.

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