214 | D Roots | Mesak | Duplex KL 20IN20A
Genre: Electro

214 / D Roots / Mesak / Duplex - KL 20IN20A

Label: Klakson

Release Date: 10/12/2020

Cat No: KL20IN20A

Format: Vinyl


  • Misty Spots - 214
  • Outset - D Roots
  • Levari - Mesak
  • Dark Solar - Duplex

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More about KL 20IN20A

Klakson released KL 20IN20A on Thu Dec 10 2020. The 4 track Electro release features 214, D Roots, Mesak, and Duplex.

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Klakson has released vinyl by Dexter, Mesak, Steffi, Privacy, Mr Cisco, Late Night Approach, Fastgraph, 214, The Hacker, Negroni Nails, Luxus Varta, Sepehr, D Roots, Duplex, and Hadone.