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The First Circle

The First Circle

K15 / Kirk Degiorgio / Patrice Scott / Aybee / Ian O'Brien / Piranhahead / Volcov / Gerald Mitchell / Dego / Fred P / Linkwood

Neroli 2020


  • K15 - Disillusioned
  • Kirk Degiorgio - Leave Everything Behind
  • Patrice Scott - Track 3
  • Aybee - River Of Evermore
  • Ian O'Brien - Music Comes From Within
  • Pirahnahead Volcov Gerald Mitchell - Snow
  • Dego - 31 Losses 31 Wins
  • Fred P - Star Crossed
  • Linkwood - Citrus

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More about this release

Neroli released The First Circle on 28 May 2020. The 9 track vinyl features K15, Kirk Degiorgio, Patrice Scott, Aybee, Ian O'Brien, Piranhahead, Volcov, Gerald Mitchell, Dego, Fred P, and Linkwood.

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