Lewis Fautzi / Eric Fetcher / Reeko / Shifted
Unknown Landscapes: Selected 06

01 March 2019


Featuring Artists

Lewis Fautzi

Eric Fetcher




Deception Transmission - Lewis Fautzi

Senyals - Eric Fetcher

Gate H01 - Reeko

Track 4 - Shifted

Polegroup released Unknown Landscapes: Selected 06 on 01 March 2019. The 4 track vinyl features artists including Lewis Fautzi, Eric Fetcher, Reeko, Shifted.

Lewis Fautzi, Eric Fetcher, Reeko, Shifted has released vinyl on Bpitch Control, Nheoma, Figure, Bed Of Nails, Tsunami, Hospital Productions, Granulart Recordings, ATT Series, Planet Rhythm, Mote Evolver, Polegroup, Theory, Detroit Underground, Stroboscopic Artefacts, Invites Choice, Modularz, KSR, Semantica, Szare, Falling Ethics.

The record label Polegroup has released vinyl by Birth Of Frequency, Christian Wunsch, Reeko, Architectural, Sawf, Antigone, Woo York, Seleccion Natural, Spherical Coordinates, Spora, Kessell, Adam X, Developer, Oscar Mulero, Refracted, Pfirter, Perc, Inigo Kennedy, Tensal, Jonas Kopp.

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