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Orlando Voorn - We Made It EP


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About Housewax

Housewax has released records by Agnes, Ainee, Alex Cortex, Alex Danilov, Alland Byallo, Amayer, Andrea Fiorito, Boo Williams, Brett Johnson, Chimale, Chris Wood, Daniela La Luz, Darkes Obispo, Dasco, David Duriez, Detroit Soul Factory, DJ Pegasuz, Dorian Paic, Duijn and Douglas, Einzelkind, Elbee Bad, Elbee Bad The Prince Of Dance, Four Walls, Gari Romalis, Geffen, Housewax, Hvl, John Massiande, Julien Sandre, Kaspar, Livio Improta, Luv Jam, Madi Grein, Manooz, Markus Fix, Meat, Mennie, Miguel Puente, Mikey V, Mome, Ms, Muanda, Neville Watson, Nick Woolfson, Orlando Voorn, Owen Jay, Plasmik, Prz, Quadratschulz, Rawdio, Rdrs, Red 7, Rick Wade, Rio Padice, Rogue D, Sagats, Sakro, The Model, The Prince Of Dance Music, The Stalker, Theodor Roberts

About Orlando Voorn

Orlando Voorn has released records on Bodyworks, Bonzai Vinyl , Cannibal Society, Cannibald , Central Electronics , Chapter Two, Chaval, Detroit Dancer, Divine, Dockside, Elektrax Recordings, Elypsia , Entrepot , Fanzine, Finest Blend, Housewax , JD, KMS, Musique Pour La Danse , Nice and Nasty , Opilec Music, Orlando Voorn, Out Er , Roundabout Sounds , Rush Hour, Soiree , Soul Survivor , Soundtravels, Subwax Bcn, Tarvisium Electronique, Third Ear

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