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Grant - No Lights EP

Lobster Theremin

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About Lobster Theremin

Lobster Theremin has released records by 1800haightstreet, 90 Process, Asok, Black Patterns, Blair Sound Design, Carmel, Chicago Jim, Cyborg 95, D Dan, Daze, Diy 1990, Dust E 1, Garrett David, Gilmer Galibard, Grammar Of Movement, Grant, Hedge Maze, Hidden Spheres, Hllw, Imre Kiss, Itpdwip, Jeals, Kreggo, Lock Eyes, Manse, Minimal Violence, Nthng, Ozel Ab, Palms Trax, Panthera Krause, Pepe, Privacy, Qnete, Raw Mt, Rawaat, Richard Harrow, Ross From Friends, Route 8, Royer, Roza Roza, S Olbricht, See Other, Shedbug, Slacker, Snow Bone, Sonofdistantearth, Steve Murphy, Supreems, Sweely, The Night Flyer, Tissu, Trp, Unfinished Portraits, Willrijk, Zeno Amsel

About Grant

Grant has released records on Down At Dawn, Dukes Distribution, Grant, Lobster Theremin, Mork, The Lauren Bacall, The Lauren Becall

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