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Call Super / Shanti Celeste - Dekmantel 10 Years 02


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About Dekmantel

Dekmantel has released records by Anthony Parasole, Awanto 3, Basic Soul Unit, Betonkust, Bruxas, Bufiman, Burnt Friedman, Call Super, Central, Deniro, Donato Dozzy, Ectomorph, Entro Senestre, Epsilove, Esa, Fatima Yamaha, Fudge Fingas, Gigi Masin, Gilb , Graze, Hundred20, Hunee, Interstellar Funk, Joey Anderson, Joy Orbison, Juju and Jordash, Ksoul, Legowelt, Lena Willikens, Lerosa, Levon Vincent, Lone, Makam, Marcel Dettmann, Mark Du Mosch, Matrixmann, Matrixxman, Mfo, Morphosis, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Muteoscillator, Occult Orientated Crime, Palmbomen Ii, Palms Trax, Parrish Smith, Peaking Lights, Peter Van Hoesen, Randomer, Redshape, Ricardo Villalobos, Robert Hood, Roman Flugel, San Proper, Shanti Celeste, Skudge, Space Dimension Controller, Suzanne Kraft, Syracuse, Talismann, Terrence Parker, The Egyptian Lover, Tolouse Low Trax, Tom Trago, Tony Allen, Vakula, Vedomir, Voiski, Young Marco

About Call Super / Shanti Celeste

Call Super has released records on Dekmantel , Hessle Audio, Houndstooth, Throne Of Blood

Shanti Celeste has released records on Apron, Broadwalk, BRSTL, Dekmantel , Future Times, Idle Hands , On Loop, Peach Discs, Secretsundaze Music, Tresor

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