SSMX07 – Reggie Dokes (Psychostasia Recordings)

Psychostasia Recordings boss Reggie Dokes steps up for a journey through vintage US house.

Without question, Reggie Dokes has been one of the most under the radar producers and DJ in the underground house and techno music scene. Originally from Detroit, he was fortunate to have been exposed to a rich and diverse music scene in the 80’s, which inspired him to DJ at the young age of 14. After taking a break from music to pursue an education, Reggie returned back to Detroit and music took hold again.

In 2001 he started his label Psychostasia Recordings. With releases from esteemed acts such as Juju & Jordash, Dubbyman, Gari Romalis and Reggie himself, the label has received much attention for its leftfield but soulful output.

Now based in Atalanta, Reggie continues to push a unique style of electronic music and as follows if his Instagram account will testify, Reggie is far more than a loop sequencer, often contributing live instrumentation and rhythms into his productions.

Reggie has been one of our favourite producers for a long time so we’re delighted that he’s put together a mix that personifies deep house music.



What’s been your journey from music fan to a highly-rated producer of electronic music?

Since the age of fourteen, I have always been a fan of this music. A lot of my exposure to this great music came from Chicago first, then New York. I was a DJ first. Then in 2001, is when I started my label and producing music. I like to keep it interesting by producing house, techno, hip hop and whatever else I feel. I just love music, period.

What have you been up to recently?

Just released an album, and a collaboration EP with my London friend Moody Waters. I have started to release a lot of my music now across all digital platforms including Bandcamp. I am currently working on a house EP, where I am challenging myself to play the bass and guitar, that will be released in a few months.

You’ve been involved in the upcoming Detroit Techno documentary “God Said Give Em Drum Machines” – can you tell us more about the project and your involvement?

Well this documentary talks about the origin of techno in Detroit, and how this genre influenced the world. Kristen Hill and his partner Ms. Washington are the producers of this project. They allowed me to come in as a composer, and create original music to this film. Lately that has been my new passion. Atlanta has become the new Hollywood, so I have chosen to blaze a new path with my music career in film composing.

If you could collaborate with one artist, who would it be?

It can’t just be one, life is way too short. In the electronic world it would be Carl Craig and Jeff Mills. In the world of Hip Hop, I want to collaborate with Royce Da 5’9, Nas, and Jaden Smith. In the R&B world I would collaborate with the new artist H.E.R.

Where was this mix recorded and what did you use?

Nothing fancy. This was an all vinyl mix, nothing preplanned. I just went on how I felt that day musically and spiritually. The mix was recorded at home on a Numark mixer and two technic 1200s.

Once you’ve finished listening to the mix, take a tour through Reggie Dokes outstanding vinyl discography.

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