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Robert Hood to repress iconic 1994 album Minimal Nation

25 years after its release, the minimal pioneer will release a vinyl repress of the minimal masterpiece

Revered as one of electronic music’s most influential artists, Detroit techno hero Robert Hood will repress the 1994 masterpiece, Minimal Nation in March 2019. The iconic release is lauded by many as the first ever minimal techno album, stripping back techno to its barest elements while retaning a loose rhythmical nature that many other minimal releases lack.

The initial release not only sounded like no other record but it also played like no other, each track finished on a locked-groove that forced the listening to move the needle to the next track on the record – further emphasising the hypnotic sound that Hood focused on. As journalist Rob Nash noted in 2008 “minimal’s roots go further back, it was invented in 1994, not 2004, and in Detroit, not Berlin. Its inventor was Robert Hood. His 1994 album, Minimal Nation marked the birth of minimal techno.”

To this day Minimal Nation remains the benchmark of minimal techno, the first record to take the principle of less is more, straight to the dancefloor. As Hood himself describes, “Minimal Nation is not just a collection of rhythm tracks, but a supernatural work of art realized. I felt a strong sense of urgency to create a body of work that identified with what was placed on my heart, as opposed to what was on my mind. Regardless, of it’s diminutive nature, one should never underestimate the neural potency of minimalism.”

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A1 Robert Hood – One Touch
A2 Robert Hood – Museum
B1 Robert Hood – SH-101
B2 Robert Hood – Rhythm Of Vision

C1 Robert Hood – Unix
C2 Robert Hood – Ride
D1 Robert Hood – Station Rider E
D2 Robert Hood – Self Powered

E Robert Hood – Sleep Cycle
F Robert Hood – Rhythm Of Vision (Original)

Minimal Nation will be released on vinyl on 15th March 2019

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