Label Liaison: Groovement

As many of us bemoan, there is too much music released these days. Now imagine if there were no record labels, the bastions of quality that act as the initial filter between producer and listener.  While DJs and producers garner so much attention from the media and fans, the role of the independent record label has had an immeasurable impact on the shape of the music world. Our Label Liaison feature  profiles the people who take on the role of creative director and commercial manager and wrap it into one difficult balancing act.

Lisbon is buzzing right now. A combination of stunning architecture, balmy climate, low costs and a load of media coverage, the city has undergone a renaissance in recent years, firmly cementing itself as one of the places to visit in Europe.

Whilst this foreign popularity may come and go, the locals have, and always will be creating and innovating and this is especially true for the Lisbon music scene. One such outlet is Groovement, a local label who’ve been releasing high quality underground house music since 2004. The label is the brainchild of influential Portuguese DJ Rui Torrinha, with additional input from rising star DJ, producer and record shop owner, Jorge Caiado. We caught up with Rui to learn more about the past, present and future of Groovement.

Hey Rui, how’s it going?

All good. Keeping myself busy with Groovement

How is the music scene in Lisbon right now? Which Lisbon artists, labels, record shops and clubs should we check out?

Lisbon’s scene is very vivid at the moment. Going strong with lots of festivals, good clubs and exciting new labels releasing great music. Carpet and Snares is becoming the hub to check. The record shop run by Jorge Caiado is now a very important reference point for vinyl lovers in town and for a whole new generation of producers that is taking the lead of the underground scene. Carpet’s own imprint and satellite labels are paving the way for the sound of the city. Check also specially curated Shift Imprint and of course Principe, the most visible of all of the afro electronic influenced sound.

You recently had Mike Huckaby to play at the Groovement label night at Lux Fragil, how was it? Any time in the studio with Mike?

It was a great night on the best Portuguese club. Mike is a very special person and we feel very privileged to have him collaborating with Groovement. It’s very rewarding to have this kind of energy and music on the label from like minded people like him.

Unfortunately Mike’s schedule was really tight for studio time but we managed to take him to a live radio show on Oxigenio FM. The show is now available online.

Jorge Caiado – Cycles (Mike Huckaby remix)

Can you tell me about the beginning of Groovement. What inspired you to start the label? Who’s in the label team and what do they do?

The label started a long long time ago when I was doing my weekly radio show at Porto’s Radio Nova early 2000s. I was pushed by some international artists I was supporting heavily back then, to release a compilation and I said: ok but only if give my some original/exclusive music and… they did! The name of the show was “Transcendances” and it baptized Groovement’s first release which was a compilation with a lot of exclusives.

Honestly I didn’t know what kind of trouble I was putting myself in but well we’re still here and growing internationally. I usually say that what gave Groovement the power for this longevity was the fact that I committed a lot of mistakes, otherwise a perfect story would have ended by now.

The team is pretty amazing. Jorge Caiado is the main man. We work and decide everything together but to be honest he’s the driving force of the label in the field right now. He’s going to be big. Then there’s Adilia Lima our brilliant artistic director that takes care of the label’s precious visual side. And Pedro Terror, the talented photographer behind all those beautiful pictures you see on the cover. So it’s a two men operation plus 2 other creative people.

How do you select the artists to release through Groovement?

Well, the name Groovement is a neologism fusing Groove with (Move)ment. It means a groove on constant evolution, so me and Jorge keep the label open for styles like disco, house and techno. We like to believe that our sound signature comes from the richness of a diverse ecosystem and the freedom given to artists but maybe there’s something else: a kind of astral element – music with sublayers that pull your spirit up while making your body move – that might link our most recent catalogue as one big constellation.

So departing from there it’s fundamental to say that personal connections play a very important role on our decisions. We see the label as a family therefore we try to release artists we feel we can support because they represent certain values of integrity and a genuine artistic vision that represent what we want to tell about our time. That’s why it either can be a newcomer or a more established producer we met through the years but there’s always for sure a chemistry behind it.


Terrence Parker Deep Detroit Heat Re Edits Vol 2 vinyl records House

Terrence Parker – Stand Up For The Soul

From the Deep Detroit Heat Re-Edits Vol 2 EP

Who does the fantastic Groovement artwork? What is the process behind creating artwork for each release?

Adilia with Pedro supervised by Jorge and me. We’re a very solid team.

What’s been the biggest challenge you’ve had running the label?

Staying strong in a peripheral country like Portugal and wanting not to play the market’s game. Also being happy with the outlet and making artists happy too is, for me, extremely important.

And what have been the highlights?

There are so many great things I could point out. I’m very proud that we released Tiago’s first album under TNT Subhead (Ecstasy & release) which was a big step for the label and also launching Organic Series sub-label that this year put out the outstanding “Em Paz” LP by the great Japanese artist, Kaoru Inoue, was for us a great achievement. In fact the link with japan has been amazing. Besides Kaoru we have 2 more Japanese artists on the label, Stereociti and Sai.

I also have to mention our legendary “Groovemental” clubnight residency at now defunct Brownie in Principe Real, Lisbon, that we run for 3 years non-stop. It was an epic journey with an amazing crowd. I miss that place!

Finally, the complicity with Jorge has been so great and special.

Groovement release a lot of vinyl, why do you continue to support the format?

Vinyl is a beautiful medium. There’s an artistic dimension to the format that we do not want to give up. For us, music has to have a body and a certain sound. We do not like the idea of an artist working for long time on music that will be then carefully mastered, just to end up being compressed – not criticizing digital though – I think it’s a natural decision when you’re looking to build a stronger artistic identity. You incorporate elements in your work that help representing a deeper universe or vision.


Sai Flying With You EP vinyl records House

Sai – To Be

From Sai – Flying With You EP 

Outside of artists signed to Groovement, which DJs, producers and labels are you excited about?

Concerning DJs, Harvey always amazes me. And Maurice Fulton or MCDE. But I also like a lot Move D or Levon Vincent among many others. It’s hard to do this!

Producers, I love Omar S., Move D and a lot more.

Labels, I always check Running Back, Rush Hour, Dekmantel, etc

One of the difficulties in being a new producer is getting labels/A&R to listen to your music. What is the best way for a new producer to get their music heard?

Well, one very important thing is to check the label’s ethos first, to be sure that the music would make sense being released there. Aesthetically, I mean. Then try to figure if someone connected to the label would be able to introduce you. And finally deliver your music to right person the most personal way possible and be patient.

In my case, I need to listen to the music a lot of times before assimilating its quality and taking a decision. Most of the music sent is online but I still like downloading it for my travels. Planes and trains are often moments when I dive deep into new music.

So I would say that there’s no proper formula to reach out… use your intuition to show your talent and never give up trying.

And concerning Groovement, after great music comes the personal side which is really important to us too.

Stereociti Reflexions EP vinyl records Deep House

Stereociti – Wee Hours

From Stereociti – Reflexions EP

What’s coming up next for Groovement?

A lot but hopefully not too much. We care about every little detail in the process of putting a record out so we do not rush things in number. We’ll surely have new music from Stereociti and Sai between end of ‘18 and beginning of ‘19. We’re also having conversations with 2 known international producers but nothing has been decided yet. The next 12” is being mastered and should be out in September. It’s from a french producer Molly and it will make some waves, I predict.

So, yes our international family is growing very organically.

You’re asked to book your favourite DJs and live acts for a night at your favourite club. Who plays?


DJ Vibe, Rui Vargas, Jorge Caiado, Tiago

Room 2

Omar S, Move D, Motor City Drum Ensemble

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Label Liaison: Lumberjacks In Hell

As many of us bemoan, there is too much music released these days. Now imagine if there were no record labels, the bastions of quality that act as the initial filter between producer and listener.  While DJs and producers garner so much attention from the media and fans, the role of the independent record label has had an immeasurable impact on the shape of the music world. So our new Label Liason feature will profile the people who take on the role of creative director and commercial manager and wrap it into one difficult balancing act.

Marcel Vogel setup Lumberjacks in Hell in Amsterdam at the turn of the 10’s. Focusing on soul-infused, disco-fuelled sounds, the label has released killer records from the who’s who of the modern disco tribe such as Rahaan, Jamie 3:26, Cratebug, Philou Louzolo, Giovanni Damico, Dan Shake and Eddie C.  We caught up with Marcel to learn more about the past, present and future of Lumberjacks In Hell.

Can you tell me about the beginning of Lumberjacks In Hell? What inspired you to start the label? Who’s on the label team and what do they do?

I started the label in 2010. I did a lot of edits at the time that I put on Soundcloud and the feedback was nice and encouraged me to try something. There is a quote from Mike Huckaby that I like: “People are trying to get involved with the music and everybody is trying it on their own terms.

My own productions just weren’t good enough to be released but I needed to get myself out there and participate on a wider level.

Lumberjacks in Hell is all me. I do the A&R, the release schedule, every decision goes through my hands. Since LiH 002 I work with South African Graphic Designer, Chris Keyz who drives me crazy most of the time missing all deadlines but the look of the label talks for itself.

Apart from that, there is Lana who helps me a bit with social media.


Soulphiction Parking Lot Blues EP vinyl records Funky,Club House

Soulphiction – Dirty Hot

Listen to Soulphiction – Parking Lot Blues EP

Where did the name come from? It always makes me think of this underrated film

Please bear with me that I didn’t click the link. It’s more or less an inside joke between Mark Seven and me. It was an unfortunate gig, a really empty party and two DJ’s in Lumberjacks shirts that made me think of the name. Simple. I suppose my advice to all aspiring label owners is, whatever you start probably will become bigger than you can foresee if you mean it. So you might wanna consider the name twice. It’s a funny name though and I guess it works.

How do you select the artists to release through LIH?

Quality is really the only thing I consider. Sometimes I get a track from big-name artists that just don’t fit the bill and at the same time, I have released a lot of great first records by a bunch of artists and people really liked it. If I think it’s interesting, I‘ll go for it. It’s a bit of a family thing, so I guess it helps if I like you and you like me.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve had running the label?

Cash flow I suppose. There is always money that needs to be paid for all sorts of things and if the other end is disrupted that’s where it becomes problematic. If you prepare a lot of releases but for some reason, you get some delays and all these things. It must be great to have a huge security net to catch you. But for me most of the times when something goes wrong, it becomes tight for me.


Dan Shake Shakes On A Plane vinyl records Disco,Nu-Disco

Dan Shake – The Bee Won

Listen to Dan Shake – Shake’s On A Plane

Which other labels do you admire?

I love Sound Signature, KDJ, Philpot, EGLO records, Stilllove4music, Razor N Tape, Al Tone’s Label ( i don’t really know the name), BBE, Clone, Rush Hour, Stones Throw, there are tons and tons… and maybe for different reasons. I also have a thing for labels that have unusual releases but I would have to go through my shelve to remember what I am talking about 🙂

What role do you think labels play in the music industry?

What is that, the music industry? For the small bubble in that we operate, labels are a tastemaker. A creative force itself. Filtering a certain sound from everything that is available. Nowadays that everything is available to everyone, it becomes more interesting to be more specific with your sound.

Major labels have a different role of course. They have more power to force a certain product into the market. I find that interesting and appealing too.

What’s coming up next for Lumberjacks In Hell?

We just released Andy Compton & Shamrock – Bunny Chow which is pretty much what I mean. A very original beautiful record that was recorded in South Africa. I have another record coming next month and in July we have Alma Negra joining the label with a great record.


Andy Compton | Shamrock Bunny Chow vinyl records Disco,Nu-Disco

Andy Compton & Shamrock – Roga Mizki

Listen to Andy Compton & Shamrock – Bunny Chow

Which record do you wish you’d signed?


In your opinion, what is one tip that an aspiring producer needs to know?

It’s all about your own taste, your vision, your sound. Stop copying others. Your education is in the record store. You need to listen to as much music as possible and stay thirsty. Learn to play instruments, go and dance as much as possible. Be in love with music. Inspiration lies everywhere. Movies, music, books, musea, theatre. If you are just trying to have the next club hit you are probably boring as fuck to me.

You’ve got an unlimited budget and no one is dead – who would play at your ultimate club-night, and where would it be?

That question is so boring because the answers must be so similar. There is beauty in the limitations we have. If there are no limits often we follow a formula to make more money and foster more success. It is much more interesting to try to create the perfect night for 200 people that are all in the same vibe. Creating the perfect vibe is maybe more important than the biggest lineup. But obviously, it’s easier to book the hippest names to try to achieve that.

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The 10 Best Rhythm & Sound Tracks

Rhythm & Sound is one of several projects linked to the mysterious Berlin dub-techno duo Moritz Von Oswald and Mark Ernestus. They released a series of 10″ records on Burial Mix and 12″ records on Rhythm & Sound, both labels distributed by Hardwax.

Von Oswald and Ernestus’ Rhythm & Sound recordings are much more dub-influenced and less techno-orientated than the duo’s previous, and more legendary, dub-techno recordings as Basic Channel and Maurizio.

Where those earlier recordings synthesized a Detroit-influenced style of minimal techno with dub-reggae bass lines, the late-’90s Rhythm & Sound productions emphasized the dub-reggae aesthetic.

Here are our favourites from their outstanding discography, where the deep, FX-driven warmth of Jamaican dub meets the ice cold, machine patterns of techno.

Mango Drive


Roll Off


Rhythm & Sound ft Tikiman – Music A Fe Rule


Free For All (Soundstream remix)


Rhythm & Sound ft Savage –  Smile








No Partial


Poor People Must Work (Carl Craig remix)


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10 Best Records of November 2016

Here are the best house records of November 2016, according to the users of Sound Shelter.

theo parrish gentrified love

Theo Parrish | Duminie Deporres | Waajeed – Gentrified Love Part 2 (Sound Signature)

Theo, Duminie and Wajeed form a Detroit dream team on the new Sound Signature

Listen Now

erp pithERP – Pith (Frustrated Funk)

A 2016 repress of an underated atmospheric Gerd Hanson aka Convextion killer

Listen Now

Newworldaquarium - The Games That We PlayNewworldaquarium – The Games That We Play (Ape)

Marvellous NWAQ tracks brought back to life with a remaster by Marco Spaventi. Sludgy on one side, floaty on the other.

Listen Now

Max Graef - Apron EPMax Graef – Apron EP (Apron)

MG goes raw for Funkineven’s Apron label

Listen Now

Cottam 6Cottam – Cottam 6 (Cottam)

7 years after his first mysterious 12, the UK chugger returns to this self-titled form with more slow and heavy edits.

Listen Now

DJ Dog & Double Dancer - Rebound LoungeDJ Dog & Double Dancer – Rebound Lounge (Rebound Lounge)

A killer classic house influenced project from DJ Fett Burger and Double Dancer.

Listen Now

SW - Sued 015SW – Sued 015 (SUED)

Stunning house and techno album covering a huge array of influences including hi-tech soul and UK broken beat.

Listen Now

Jay Daniel - Broken KnowzJay Daniel – Broken Knowz (Technicolour)

Outstanding first album from the Detoit producer, blending raw leftfield house with tripped out jazz vibes.

Listen Now

Glenn Underground - Savior Of ChicagoGlenn Underground – Savior Of Chicago (Strictly Jazz Unit Muzic)

GU with a 303’d up journey through lush ambient pads and spacey rhythms. Backed with an ode to the master of house music, Larry Heard.

Listen Now

A Made Up Sound - BygonesA Made Up Sound – Bygones (AMUS)

Outstanding deep techno excursions from the ridiculously underated Dutch producer

Listen Now

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Six Mixes You Need To Hear

Here’s 6 DJ mixes we’ve been loving recently.

XLR8R Podcast 460 – Prins Thomas

The Norwegian artist drops a tight 70 minutes of dancefloor shakers, made up of everything from electro to house and acid, all with a pleasant retro feel.

Fred P for Deephouse Amsterdam

The New York selector glides through 90 minutes of his unique deep house vibes.

FACT mix 527 – A Made Up Sound

The Hague musician shows FACT the records that never leave his crate.

Mr Beatnick – NTS Radio

The Don’t Be Afraid label boss presents a heady 2 hours of sophisticated disco, dusty house and spiritual jazz for NTS

Livity Sound, with Simo Cell

The Livity Sound affiliate mixes up an array of bassy sounds.

Pangaea – Crack Mix

A whistle-stop tour through cutting edge techno from one of the UK’s very best.

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Member Mix: Nils Anthes

Germany-based DJ and producer behind the wonderfully-named Traxxploitation project, Nils Anthes mixes up an array of edits and African-influenced house.

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Want to find more great house and techno records? Head over to Sound Shelter where we combine expert curation with a clever algorithm that offers insightful personalised recommendations, based upon your favourite records labels and producers.

Member Mix: Tim Reade

UK DJ Tim Reade turns out a mix that moves through melodic territory into break-beat driven vibes. A mix fit for any house and techno dancefloor.

We’ll let the tracklist do the talking…

Steve Kasper – Unvexed Dub
Frankey & Sandrino – Izar
Lonya – Still Waters Run Deep (3LIAS & Nesta remix)
Jay Shepheard – Elementary
Suzanne Kraft – DJ Safety Track
Dave Aju – 14324
Lay-Far – Lock & Rock (Mr Scruff remix)
Chaos in the CBD – Dusty Sundays
Leif – Tumbler
Berkson & What – Lost Solina (Maayan Nidam remix)
Christian S. – Give it Up
Frankey & Sandrino – Merging Black
Dinky – Casa (Axel Boman dub)
Dorisburg – Transform
Jay Shepheard – K3
Land of Light – Flares (Tambien remix)
Lorenzo Dada – Love Apparel (Axel Boman remix)

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SSMX03: Ethyène (Moonrise Hill Material)

Ethyène is busy recently. The producer and DJ from France is getting noticed by a greater audience and is having more and more projects, meetings, and sets to play. Starting production at the age of 16, he got into the House and Hip Hop scene and was playing for Artjacking France as resident. His love for sounds from Chicago, Detroit and Manchester and the craftsmanship of sampling gives the music its personal note.

He is part of the newly founded Moonrise Hill Material – Gang that provides Disco and Hip Hop influenced grooves in the French underground House scene, and is having a lot of other releases upcoming and out recently.

We think he is going to be big, so we are happy he got some time sharing his story with us and he’s provided a killer mix.

Sound Shelter introduces : Ethyène!

So first of all, what is going on recently?

I just had three releases, a track on Roots for Bloom, an EP on Kyoku Records and an EP on my own record label Moonrise Hill Material. I also have been working on the side of the three first Moonrise Hill releases so I guess this is why I’m getting a bit more attention today. To be honest, nothing makes me happier than seeing more and more people following our work.

How about Moonrise Hill Material! How did you guys meet?

We were all producing and spinning House Music in Lyon our hometown in France so we met during our different parties and immediately became friends with each other. Then, the idea of releasing our music on our own label came up naturally and this is how everything started.

And the music you are playing and making?

I have a part of my family who lives in Philadelphia, so I’ve been there quite often and have always been fascinated by the unbelievable ability the artists from Philly had to talk to my soul, from John Coltrane to Boyz II Men. More generally, this is from this city that I got my love for black music.

Moreover, since I’m 13 or 14 I’ve been listening to a lot of Hip-Hop from the late 90’s and early 2000’s… that got me into this sampling stuff. Then, when I started partying around the age of 16 I discovered house records from Theo Parrish, Moodymann, Kenny Dope … I immediately knew this was what I wanted to spin and produce.
Basically everything I play, produce and love is related to sampling !

Do you have some projects going on of your own recently? And was Kyoku Records your idea?

Yes I have some new projects that will come later this year but the only one I can really talk about is a new EP on Moonrise Hill Material  that should see the day in January 2017. I’ll also have a mini LP on an american record label I love and an other one in May on a brand new label from the US too.

I’m also starting to release my lower tempo and hip hop stuff on FHUO, a new record label on the side of Moonrise by my brother from an other mother Folamour. I will release this music under the name Lo Life.

Concerning Kyoku, these nice guys asked me to do an EP for them after they discovered my track Manhattune on the first Moonrise Hill release so this was absolutely not my idea but at the end of the day I’m really happy to have been part of this project.

Tell us a bit about your Sound Shelter mix

My sound shelter mix is putting together tracks I like to play at the moment and unreleased tracks from myself… I also like to end mixes with classic tunes… On this one I chose the remix of the French house standard Music Sounds Better With you by Bob Sinclar, this one track has always blown me up.

When you´d have the opportunity to choose someone to play with B2B, who would that be?

If I had an opportunity to choose someone to play back 2 back, I guess I’d pick Theo Parrish up. I’ve seen him twice, that was two of the best nights of my life!

Thanks a bunch Ethyène!!!

Check out Moonrise Hill on Sound Shelter
Check out records from Ethyène on Sound Shelter

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SSMX02: thatmanmonkz mix (Shadeleaf / Classic / Delusions of Grandeur)

Some people curate, some people mix, some people produce. thatmanmonkz does all 3.

Scott Moncrieff is a Sheffield based recording artist, DJ, and label boss at his own Shadeleaf Music. He manages to tread that fine line of simultaneously picking up props from all angles and wrecking dance floors the world over, whilst remaining resolutely underground and focused on the more interesting corners of dance music. He releases on Delusions of Grandeur, Kolour LTD, and Classic and his recent debut album “Columbusing” was a fine document that touched on authentic deep house, funk and soul with plenty of proper song structures and real vocalists amidst the underground club heaters.

We’ve been a big fan of his music for a few years so thought it was time to learn more about him, and we scored a house masterclass in the form of a mix that covers the Detroit sounds of Moodymann and Leron Carson, the edits of Popular Peoples Front and Jamie 326, and the disco sounds of The Jacksons.

Whats been happening in your world recently?

So, I’ve been on my grind as usual really.. After releasing my debut album earlier this year (“Columbusing” on Delusions Of Grandeur) I thought I might get to chill back a little, but, that definitely hasn’t been the case! I’ve had remixes out for the likes of Diz and Inkswel amongst others, an original track on Kon’s BBE compilation, and also have remixes due for Amp Fiddler, Kraak and Smaak, and J Kriv all slated for this year. I’ve also been producing a hip hop album with my man Malik Ameer (under our Madison Washington moniker), and have just started writing some new thatmanmonkz material recently too. Between all of that, gigging more frequently, and running Shadeleaf Music, it’s all go over here, and i’m very thankful for that!

Tell us about this mix…where was it recorded and how?

I recorded it in my studio room, on my dj set up, the typical way y’know? As it was for you guys, and because i’m a fan of the site, I picked out 20 or so tracks I wanted to use in the mix (in a variety of formats), and just deejayed as I would in a club environment. Sometimes with podcasts or radio shows or whatever it can be all about exposing new music, and other times you just want to catch a vibe and be more representative of what you do when out on the road…. this is one of those ones. I won’t lie, I had to work pretty hard a couple of the mix transitions, but, again that’s more of an honest representation of me playing out, so i’m all for not masking a little bit of human error. I just recorded it into a DAW and did a little bit of post-mix processing , nothing more complicated than that. A handful of tunes, two channels and a mixer, no frills.

How and why did your start your label, Shadeleaf?

Just as a personal thing, I’d always wanted to self curate have my own label, initially as a way of a&r’ing my own music and getting out there at my own speed, and, I also very quickly realised that I knew a lot of people that I felt were making great music that needed to be heard… After Tone Control were kind enough to put out my first couple of solo artist releases (i’d been involved in a project called Small Arms Fiya about 10 years ago, then had a break from the music game) I met with my good friend and, well, mentor really, Chris Duckenfield (Swag,Popular Peoples Front) and showed him the demo’s I was working on, and he schooled me in how to set up on my own from there. Anything he doesn’t know about the vinyl game isn’t really worth knowing! Most of my heroes and inspirations have their own imprints, and also, having a label also adds a little leverage when releasing music on other labels. I’d highly recommend it to all up and coming artists, it’s a lot of work, but also a lot of fun, and very rewarding. We’ve been lucky enough for Shadeleaf to work with a lot of people I’m genuinely a fan of, and i’ve developed some great friendships from working on projects or remixes for the label. I’m really proud of our back catalogue, and that it quickly turned into something that isn’t really focussed just on me as an artist, and we’ve some really exciting projects in the pipeline!

Have you ever seen House royalty, and fellow Sheffield resident, Maurice Fulton at your local supermarket?

Hehhehheh, I have seen Maurice around occasionally, though maybe not yet at the supermarket! I don’t really know him personally other than to say ‘hi’, but, he seems like a really nice guy, and, you’re right, he’s definitely house royalty! I did once see him play at a small house party, doing two copy business with disco records and busted up walkman headphones, and can confirm that he’s as brilliant a deejay, as you already know he is….

You’re asked to book your favourite DJs and live acts for a night at your favourite club. Who plays, and which club?

Awwww man, that’s nearly impossible to pin down! There are so many great deejays and live acts, and, a whole lot of amazing clubs and venues around the world, some of which i’ve been lucky enough to see…. For today I’ll go with Chris Duckenfield, Recloose, Byron The Aquarius, and Larry Heard on the decks, with live sets from Henry Wu’s jazz project and D’angelo, at Flammable (Re Bar) in Seattle. My heart always holds a special place for those smaller ‘red light basement’ style spots with a big sound and a knowledgable crowd, and Re Bar definitely fits the bill for that! My answer to this question would probably change on a daily basis though… Also, just let me thank you guys for having me in, I’m a big fan of the site, as you know, and had a lot of fun doing this for you. Much appreciated!

If you want thatmanmonkz to play your party then get in touch with , and make it happen?

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Prequel – Freedom Jazz Dance (Rhythm Section International)

“Blackness is not a color” is what Prequel is telling us in the first seconds of “Saints”, the first track of his second EP on Rhythm Section International. And he describes what that means with delivering a wonderful jazzy House EP.

Rhythm Section International is Bradley Zero´s record label that he was building up with friends to give young talents and friends a chance to put their music out. Deep and jazzy grooves are characteristics of the label and are forming the signature sound.

In Freedom Jazz Dance, you can lose yourself in the deepest way imaginable. Here, soulful voices and sizzling electric buzz sounds; fat organic bass and deep pads are playing in harmony and are giving the record its finesse.

The album is a well composed journey through the roots of Jazz and House and takes a step further by reminding us where the soul of this music really lies, in the typical Rhythm Section style, that is moving the community for almost 2 years now.

This release is less Hip Hop influenced than his debut EP Polite Strangers; though, the overall sound Prequel is striving towards is recognizable and shows a noticeable love for Jazz in particular. These slightly delayed/reverbed and filtered jazzy sounds are combined with a well-balanced kick and minimalistic drum sounds that are playing along.

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Not only is it a banger in the club, it´s a wonderful masterpiece on it´s own and I recommend it to everybody, not only the House- heads and underground lovers but everybody who is interested in a record that is uplifting , smooth, well-organized.

This release is going to be on my wantlist for sure! It creates such a great, positive vibe throughout and is put together so thoughtful that there is not much else to say.  It´s just deep, soulful and jazzy House, no filler, all killer. Buy it!


A1) Saints
A2) Nothing Better
B1) You Shall Know The Truth
B2) Walken

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