Navigating the Dub Techno Universe: Pioneers and Innovators in the Genre

Dub techno, a subgenre that emerged in the early 1990s, blends the hypnotic grooves of techno with the spacious echoes and reverberations of dub. Over the years, the style has evolved and expanded, with numerous artists putting their own spin on the genre. This article will explore some of the most influential and innovative figures in dub techno, shedding light on their contributions and the unique elements they bring to the genre.


Gerard Hanson, better known as Convextion and E.R.P., is a Texas-based producer who has been making waves in the dub techno scene since the late 1990s. His productions are characterized by their deep, immersive soundscapes, punctuated by intricate layers of echoing chords and pulsating bass lines. The atmospheric quality of Convextion’s music has made him a favorite among dub techno enthusiasts, and his unique take on the genre has solidified his status as a leading figure in the scene.


Deepchord, the brainchild of Detroit’s Rod Modell, is another essential figure in dub techno. Drawing on the city’s rich techno history, Deepchord’s music is marked by its immersive soundscapes and intricate layering of textures. Modell’s background in field recordings and sound design is evident in his work, creating a sense of depth and atmosphere that has come to define the dub techno sound.


Hailing from Greece, Fluxion is a producer who has contributed significantly to the genre’s evolution. With a more melodic approach, Fluxion’s tracks often feature lush pads and intricate harmonies, creating a captivating, immersive listening experience. His work demonstrates the versatility of dub techno, with compositions that range from introspective and meditative to energetic and dancefloor-ready.

Brendon Moeller

New York-based Brendon Moeller is a versatile artist whose work spans a wide range of electronic music styles, including dub techno. Operating under various aliases such as Echologist and Beat Pharmacy, Moeller is known for his experimental approach to sound design and composition. His tracks often feature dense textures, intricate rhythmic patterns, and a strong sense of space. His innovative techniques and commitment to pushing the boundaries of the genre make him a standout figure in the world of dub techno and beyond.


Icelandic producer Yagya, also known as Aðalsteinn Guðmundsson, is renowned for his atmospheric and ambient take on dub techno. Yagya’s music is characterized by its ethereal quality, incorporating elements of ambient and minimal techno to create expansive soundscapes that envelop the listener. His unique blend of styles showcases the genre’s potential for innovation and experimentation.

Paul St Hilaire

Paul St Hilaire, also known as Tikiman, is a Berlin-based musician and vocalist who has been collaborating with various dub techno producers since the 1990s. Born in the Caribbean island of Dominica, St Hilaire’s distinctive vocal style and engaging presence have made him a sought-after collaborator in the genre. With his roots in reggae and dub, St Hilaire’s contributions to dub techno tracks bring an authentic and organic quality that has become synonymous with the genre.


Echospace, a collaborative project between Deepchord’s Rod Modell and Chicago-based producer Stephen Hitchell, is another prominent force in the dub techno scene. Combining their respective backgrounds in sound design and electronic music production, Echospace’s work is marked by its dense, enveloping atmospheres and intricate spatial effects. The duo’s innovative approach has earned them a dedicated following among dub techno enthusiasts.

Basic Channel

No discussion of dub techno would be complete without mentioning Basic Channel, the pioneering duo of Moritz von Oswald and Mark Ernestus. Their minimalist approach, characterised by lush chords, deep bass lines, and cavernous echoes, laid the foundation for the genre. Basic Channel’s influence can be heard throughout the dub techno world and their legacy continues to inspire new generations of producers.


Canadian producer Deadbeat, also known as Scott Monteith, has carved out a unique niche within the dub techno genre. His music often incorporates elements of dubstep, drum and bass, and ambient, resulting in a diverse and eclectic sound that pushes the boundaries of the genre. Deadbeat’s innovative approach to composition and sound design has solidified his status as a leading figure in dub techno.


German producer Quantec, or Sven Schienhammer, is known for his deep, immersive tracks that draw on classic dub techno tropes while incorporating his own distinct style. Quantec’s work often features heavily processed chords, intricate rhythmic patterns, and a strong sense of space, making it a prime example of the genre’s potential for both depth and complexity.


Rhythm & Sound

Another project from Basic Channel’s Moritz von Oswald and Mark Ernestus, Rhythm & Sound focuses more heavily on the dub influences in their music. Their tracks are characterized by stripped-down arrangements, heavy basslines, and spacious, echo-laden atmospheres. Rhythm & Sound’s work highlights the enduring connection between dub and techno, illustrating the genre’s roots while continuing to push it in new directions.


Another collaborative project involving Rod Modell and Stephen Hitchell, cv313 explores a more experimental side of dub techno. Their work is characterised by live improvisation, deep bass lines, and hypnotic, evolving soundscapes. The duo’s ability to blend ambient textures with the rhythmic drive of techno exemplifies the genre’s capacity for innovation, pushing the boundaries of what dub techno can be.

Luke Hess

Detroit’s Luke Hess is a producer who skilfully combines the city’s techno legacy with the spacious atmospheres of dub techno. His music is marked by its crisp, precise production and a keen sense of melody, resulting in tracks that are both engaging and immersive. Hess’s work serves as a testament to the enduring influence of Detroit on the global techno scene and the genre’s continued evolution.


German producer Monolake, also known as Robert Henke, is a versatile artist whose work encompasses a wide range of electronic music styles, including dub techno. Monolake’s tracks often feature intricate sound design, pulsing rhythms, and a strong emphasis on spatial effects. His innovative approach to composition has earned him a reputation as one of the most forward-thinking artists in the genre.


Berlin-based producer René Löwe, also known as Substance, has been an integral part of the dub techno scene since the 1990s. As a founding member of the legendary Chain Reaction label, Löwe has worked alongside some of the genre’s most influential figures, including Moritz von Oswald and Mark Ernestus of Basic Channel fame. Substance’s productions are marked by their deep, immersive textures and hypnotic grooves, which have come to define the aesthetic of dub techno.

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