The 10 Best Ambient/Electronic Releases of 2018 (So Far)

Introducing Josh Reid, one half of Space Afrika, a dubbed out ambient duo hailing from the north of England.

With releases on Sferic, a recent mix for Fact Mag and a show on NTS, Josh alongside partner, Josh Inyang have developed a unique sound that borrows from the the menace of Berlin dub techno and merges it with beatless ambience to produce a unique, smokey soundscape.

As well as a producer, Josh is a killer selector so for his inaugural post for Sound Shelter, he puts together his favorite recent ambient and electronic releases.

‘It’s never easy selecting my favourite music for the moment but after listening to countless amazing sounds I’ve narrowed it down. I’ve been digging these 10 tracks mostly over the past month or so and chose them based on feelings and moods, That have been consistent with the year so far. Optimistic !’

Pontiac Streator & Ulla Straus – Chat

‘Chat 1’

‘Chat 1’ comes as the third release via the west mineral imprint. More beat focused that its predecessors, ‘Chat 1’ is like a meeting with a Shaman. Tribal elements with murky bass and pads feel as though one is walking through a swamp of sound. Image the idea of an ayahuasca trip taking you through primitive lands. Amazing.

Listen/Buy Pontiac Streator / Ulla Straus – Chat


 Rian Treanor – RAVEDIT

‘Untitled 2’

Nothing but feels on this one. Reminiscing about late night raves, this one is sure to make floors move. Quick step vibes and emotive vocal samples create nothing but euphoric moments. Another forward thinking release from Rian Treanor.

Listen/Buy Rian Treanor – RAVEDIT

Topdown Dialectic – S/T



[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=2548782941 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small]

Anonymous producer ‘ Topdown Dialect’ brings filtered dread and lost soundscapes with consistency. The addition is the dynamic range in which each sound is defined .’B4′ is slow stepping and Dubby. Kick back with your headphones and enjoy the sound design for a personal listening experience.


 Samuel Kerridge – The I is Nothing

Lino78 dist preview

‘Fascination Sustain’

Downwards on form again. Dystopian Techno with unparalleled patterns. Had this one on repeat for some time now. BUY ON SIGHT.

Listen/Buy Samuel Kerridge – The I Is Nothing


Madteo – Unrescuable Dense Musik Of The Blah Blahs

MADTEO - Unrescuable Dense Musik Of The Blah Blahs


This takes you through the mind of Madteo. one of the most interesting artists out there. The cassette channels so many different genres with NY distortion and dirt. Imagine hanging out with a boombox on the corner. Proper

Kareem Lotfy – QTT10


Delicately laid out pads and soft notes have been the theme to my UK Summer so far. Coming via the great Quiet Time Tapes, this has been the perfect follow up from his release on PAN ‘fr3sh’. Highly recommended this to ambient lovers.

Abul Mogard – Above All Dreams

Abul Mogard Above All Dreams vinyl record covers

‘Upon The Smallish Circulation’

‘Upon the smallish circulation’ is an ambient / modern classic dream. Serious depth and attention paid to each sound leaves the listener transfigured after the track has ended. The automation throughout creates a hypnotic feel leading to afternoon daydreaming.

Listen/Buy Abul Mogard – Above All Dreams

Bovel – Check 4 U

Bovel Check 4 U vinyl record covers

‘Check 4 U’

A Manchester classic makes it way back into the fold. Killer record. Massive insight into the ‘street soul’ sounds from the mid 90’s. Sweet vocals and cascading bass makes this perfectly enjoyable as a home listen and club environment.

Listen/Buy Bovel – Check 4 U


Miss Red – K.O

Miss Red KO vinyl record covers


Experimental Dancehall comes via Miss Red. This is a ecstatic listen into modern club music with production by The Bug. Miss red’s vocals are refreshing throughout and capture Jamaica’s hedonistic genre. Distorted bass and fizzled percussion make this a serious stepper.

Listen/Buy Miss Red – K.O


Kutiman – Don’t Hold Onto The Clouds

Kutiman Dont Hold Onto The Clouds vinyl record covers

‘Behind The Noise’

The Multi talented Kutiman channels new age ambient on this one. A meditative listen with focus on folk and roots. Beautiful percussion with reverb overlays droning pads and falling notes. Perfect evening listen !

Listen/Buy Kutiman – Don’t Hold The Clouds

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The 21 Best Carl Craig Remixes

Just the glimpse of the words Carl Craig remix on the tracklist of an otherwise unremarkable looking EP will send DJs scrambling for their headphones, ready to have their ears and minds scrambled by the latest interpretation from the man who’s been likened to the Miles Davis of Techno.

Since his first remix in 1988, Carl Craig has an extraordinary 605 remixes credited to his name on Discogs. While not all of these have shown his true skill, the vast majority would make any producer envious of his ability to turn even the blandest pop track into a techno masterpiece capable of sending even the most critical dancefloor into raptures.

To celebrate the Detroit legends numerous gifts to sound systems across the globe, we’ve compiled the best ever Carl Craig remixes.


Cesaria Evora – Angola (Carl Craig remix) [2002]

Organic percussion, psychedelic synth and 909s collide in this killer building remix of Cape Verdean songstress Cesaria Evora.


Hugh Masekela – The Boy’s Doin’ It (Carl Craig remix) [2005]

Two historically politically-charged cities join forces as Detroit meets Johannesburg as C2 tackles South African flugelhorn player Hugh Masekela.


Maurizio – Domina (Carl Craig’s mind remix) [1993]

A true house masterpiece as Craig energises Mark Ernestus and Mauritz Von Oswald’s dub techno with swinging 909s, sub bass and mind-melting pad swirls.


Telex – Moskow Diskow (Carl Craig remix) [1998]

Odd-ball Italo gem from 1979 gets thumped up by C2 in one of his best remixes.


Theo Parrish – Falling Up (Carl Craig remix) [2005]

For many, the quintessential Carl Craig remix. Techno meets Jazz with stunning effect.


Faze Action – In The Trees (Carl Craig mix #1) [2007]

Opening with paranoid synths bursts, the track goes to the next level as those strings come into play.


Throbbing Gristle – Hot On The Heels Of Love (Carl Craig Re-Version) [2004]

Thumping, psychedelic, big room techno


Tony Allen – Kilode (Carl Craig’s straight remix) [2007]

Fela Kuti’s drummer, Tony Allen gets dragged into the future as a breaky intro full of street-vocals leads into a ridiculously funky bassline, and quite possibly the best kick drum in house history.


Junior Boys – Like A Child (Carl Craig remix) [2006]

C2 turns the playful original into a sinister uptempo soundscape of arpeggio leads, hushed vocals and metallic pads.


Rhythm & Sound – Poor People Must Work (Carl Craig remix) [2006]

Craig, Ernestus and Von Oswald join forces again, this time on the Berlin duos Rhythm & Sound project as Craig takes Bobbo Shanti’s vocals out from under the smokey dub haze into the dancefloor stratosphere. Check out our guide to the best Rhythm & Sound records here


GusGus – Polyesterday (Carl Craig’s Shot In The Leg Dub) [1998]

A severely underplayed remix that easily stands the test of time despite being nearly 20 years old. All acid-riffs, floaty vocals and rolling claps. The vocal remix is equally as good.


Alexander Robotnick – Problèmes D’Amour (Carl Craig Remix) [2007]

The oddball Italo-tinged original gets looped up into a disco-house roller with jazzy drums edits breaking things up.


Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom – Relevee (Carl Craig remix) [2006]

An opening burst of kaleidoscopic synths slowly morphs into a full jazz workout over the space of 11 glorious minutes.


Hot Lizard – The Theme (Carl Craig Mix) [1995]

Nearly 23 years old and still sounding like the future.


Beanfield – Tides (C’s Movement #1) [2004]

At the time this was possibly a career-high for Craig, as he turns the soul-drenched original into a brooding-and-then-euphoric club masterpiece.


Factory Floor – Turn It Up (C2 remix) [2013]

A stripped down 808-driven DJ tool of the highest calibre


Ultramarine – Hooter (Carl Craig / Ver. 1.1) [1994]

808s, tribal rumbles and quitessential Detroit synths collide


Incognito – Out Of The Storm (C’s Planet E Special Mix) [1996]

Jazzy, mellow brilliance


Directions – Busted Trees (C’s Spacestrumental) [2004]

C2 takes the coffee-table jazz original and turns it into a string-driven wonder that builds over the space of 8 and a half glorious minutes. (Tip from Peter Benedetto)


Dave Angel – Airborne (Carl Craigs Drums Sucks remix) [1995]

12 minutes of beatless Detroit techno (Tip from Tom Sin-r Vde)


Carl Craig Vs. Johnny Blas – Picadillo 7 (A Lo Blas) [1999]

Another beatless excursion, this time on a remix of Latin conguero Johnny Blas (Tip from João Pedro)


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