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The best new Leftfield releases on vinyl

Zero 7-Take Me Away Listen
Tredici Bacci-The Thirteen Kisses Cassetta Listen
Laplante | Dunn | Smith-Ancestral Instrument Listen
Krzysztof Komeda-Knife In The Water (Soundtrack) (reissue) Listen
Stelvio Cipriani-Concorde Affaire 79 (Soundtrack) (reissue) Listen
Heisenberg- 2 Listen
Stelvio Cipriani-Concorde Affaire 79 (Soundtrack (reissue) Listen
Ennio Morricone-Veruschka (Soundtrack) (reissue) Listen
Actress-Xoul Listen



Werk Discs


1 recommendation

Can-Flow Motion (reissue) Listen
Can-Saw Delight (reissue) Listen
Can-Future Days (reissue) Listen
Philipp Quehenberger-Content Listen
Can-Landed (reissue) Listen
Can-Soon Over Babaluma (reissue) Listen
King Creosote-From Scotland With Love Listen
Loops Haunt-IIVA EP Listen
Max Cooper-Inhuman Two Listen
Steve Gunn | Mike Cooper-FRKWYS Vol 11: Contos De Lisboa Listen
Jabu-Kwaidan Listen
Tufo-Egoistic Coma Listen
Don Harper-Cold Worlds Listen
Naked Island-Naked Island EP Listen
Kaval-Zee Van Gedachten Listen
Various Artists-Post Everything Listen
Blanche Blanche Blanche-Wooden Ball Listen
Imugem Orihasam-Must Understand Before Contradict Listen
Sebastien Tellier-LAventura Listen
Ennio Morricone-Le Foto Proibite Di Una Signora Per Bene (Soundtrack) (reissue) Listen
Zero 7-Simple Science Listen

Zero 7

Simple Science



1 recommendation

Brian Reitzell-Auto Music Listen
Flexi | Blendi | Adopo-WIRR 1 Listen
Sebastien Tellier-LAventura Listen
Moebius Story Leidecker-Snowghost Pieces Listen
Dakota Suite | Quentin Sirjacq-There Is Calm To Be Done Listen
Mark Barrott-Sketches From An Island Listen
Edvard Graham Lewis-All Over Listen
Various Artists-I Dont Feel At Home In This World Anymore (reissue) Listen
Fabio Frizzi-City Of The Living Dead (Soundtrack) (reissue) Listen
Prins Thomas-Apne Slusa Listen
Goodiepal-Morendo Morendo: My Paris Is Called Colchester Listen
Will Samson-Light Shadows Listen
Fhloston Paradigm-The Phoenix Listen
Dalhous-Will To Be Well Listen
Jose Padilla-Solito Listen
Jose Padilla-Solito Listen
Phork-High End Listen
Edvard Graham Lewis-All Under Listen
Kaoru Inoue-Etenraku Listen
Unknown | Mavado | Gotye-Neva Believe Remix Listen
Roll The Dice-Until Silence Listen
Lawrence Le Doux-Terrestre Listen
Sven Libaek-Nature Walkabout (Soundtrack) (remastered) (Deluxe) Listen
Sven Libaek-The Set (Soundtrack) (reissue) Listen
Ooioo-Gamel Listen
Geinoh Yamashirogumi-Akira (Soundtrack) Listen
Herbert-Part 6 Listen


Part 6



9 recommendations

Luc Marianni | Jacques Jeangerard-Numeralogique: Between Light and Sound Waves 2 Listen
The Bug-Exit Listen
Iggy Pop | Yoko Ono-Waiting For The D Train Listen
Natasha Khan | Jon Hopkins-Gardens Heart Listen
Matthewdavid-In My World Listen
Application-System Fork Listen
Tempelhof | Gigi Masin-Hoshi Listen
Quiltland-Quiltland Listen
Doll Food-Marrow Deep Listen
Dave Saved-Power and Silence: Deindustrialization Listen
Ennio Morricone-LUccello Dalle Piume Di Cristallo (Soundtrack) (reissue) Listen
Junior Salami-Deli Days/Sontana Nights Listen
Various Artists-Palo Alto (Soundtrack) Listen
How To Dress Well-What Is This Heart Listen
Thought Broadcast-Votive Zero Listen
Clone-Son Of Octabred Listen
Low Leaf-Akashaalay Listen
Roedelius-Remixes Listen
Moire-Bboy 202 Listen


Bboy 202

Werk Discs


1 recommendation

Various Artists-Music From Drinking Buddies (Soundtrack) Listen
Various Artists-Belly (Soundtrack) (reissue) Listen
Quicksails | Headboggle-Mugen Volume 6 Listen
33 10 3402-Mecanica 2 Listen
Akkord-HTH020 Listen





2 recommendations

Roberto Donati-Cannibal Ferox aka Make Them Die Slowly (Soundtrack) Listen
Mr Flash-Sonic Crusader Listen
Oubys-SQM Part 1 Listen
Mike Weis-Dont Know Just Walk Listen
Donna Regina-Holding The Mirror For Sophia Loren Listen
Lord Tusk-Escape From Babylon EP Listen
Various Artists-Funny Old Shit: A Trunk Records Sampler Vol 1 Listen
Tolouse Low Trax-Tolouse Low Trax Listen
Stelvio Cipriani-Il Fiume De Grande Caimano/The Great Alligator (Soundtrack) Listen
Truth In The Abstract Blues-Tell Me Listen
Colin Potter-I Couldnt Agree Listen
Wife-Whats Between Listen
Angkanang Kunchai | Ubon Pattana Band-Isan Lam Plearn Listen
Various Artists-Excursions Listen
Redredred-Pattern Completion Listen
Joakim-Bring Your Love Listen
Joy Wellboy-Before The Sunrise Listen
Yoshi Wada-Earth Hornes With Electronic Drone (reissue) Listen
Alex Banks-Illuminate Listen
Three Legged Race-Rope Commercial Vol 1 Listen
Jon Hassell-City: Works Of Fiction (reissue) Listen