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About Us

Sound Shelter is a discovery engine focusing on electronic and soul jazz music.

Sound Shelter listens to the opinions of the top tastemakers from across the planet to bring you the world’s best releases.

A better way to discover new music

Our powerful web technology collects recommendations from music lovers all over the world to give you the best new releases across all electronic and soul jazz genres. We take recommendations from the best record stores, DJ’s, label owners and music lovers.

Make your own recommendations

By recommending music to others on Sound Shelter, you can make sure that your favourite music gets heard by more people. Just click the Star next to the release you would like to recommend to other Sound Shelter users. Your recommendations are then used to calculate our top releases of the moment.

To make recommendations you need to create a user account.

Get personalised recommendations from Sound Shelter

To get recommendations from us simply follow your favourite artists, labels and DJ’s and recommend your favourite releases - click the Follow button and we’ll use this information to come up with a list of awesome releases that we think you will love. You can get your personalised recommendations by clicking on Our recommendations for you at the top of the page

To receive recommendations and follow artists, labels and DJ's, you need to create a user account.

Who we are

Sound Shelter started in 2010 and has helped thousands of people to discover great new music. We are now one of the world’s leading resources for electronic music with over 24263 featured releases and 2735 DJ's making 86766 recommendations.

We are fully integrated with Juno Records, zero-inch and Spotify meaning you can listen to and buy all the music we feature.

Want to know more?

Just send us an email to info@soundshelter.net , follow us on twitter.com/soundshelter or like us on Facebook at facebook.com/soundshelter

We’d love to hear your feedback and ideas. We are far from being finished and are always looking for people to work with us so if get in touch to talk more. We love hearing new and wonderful music so feel free to send it to us at the above email address.




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